Demo 2016

by Chain Of Command

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released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Chain Of Command Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Track Name: Harm Reduction
You cowards breeding fear
Your encroachment holds no weight here

You exist within a fear, shackled to violence, hostile atmosphere
And you bare, bare your teeth. A threatening pose from such soft sheep making a mockery of what I believe
you’ve opened your eyes but refuse to see
You’ve invaded my space with a feeble attempt to intimidate me

You’re a snake that slithers
A wolf that prays
You’re a false prophet
Leading the sheep astray

This is an exercise in harm reduction
Where we weed out those with impure intention
Where we cast our sinners to the flame
And we bring our traitors to the blade
And every perpetrator who attempts to infiltrate

We’ll regulate
Track Name: False Saviors
From your ivory tower you preach
About fear, oppression, hatred, and greed
Encompassing dialogue of pain
Reaching out to choke you and me

But where is your weapons, that match your voice?
You speak of war but we know your ploy
For these front lines know not your face
You lounge in comfort while you scream for change

Dull and rusty two sided sword of a tongue
Spitting words that draw no blood

Muffled words from the mouths of cowards
Sitting back and watch the war unfold
Crucify these false saviors
Bleed them out for the lies they’ve told
Track Name: The Blood We Bleed
"What’s in your heart, and what you feel
Its all an illusion, yeah, its nothing real
The path you walk, the things you face
Are only distractions getting in your way"

And I’ve seen how they tie the noose
Force-feed you pills and lie to you
Water you down till you’re an empty shell
They’ll medicate and make you hate yourself

Beg and plead, they don’t care
About the blood in your veins or the pain you feel
Beg and plead, they don’t care
About the blood in your veins or the pain you feel

They’ve offered nothing, only more pain
With steady hands they drag the blade
They tie the noose to watch you hang
Offering only this self-hate

Swallow the pill, numb your pain. Feel yourself get crushed under the weight
Swallow the pill, fix your head. Live an empty life and make your peace with death
Swallow the pill, all these lies they tell
They medicate you till you hate yourself

Till you hate yourself
Track Name: The Cure
Your weakness plagues, and we are the cure
Track Name: Violence, Fear, Anger, Despair.
Burning from inside
A dissonance resonates in my mind
The way I feel versus the way I act
Forces me into a corner and into a mask
Before these Idols—knell
Separate your soul from all you feel
Who we really are, we never show
And this mask we wear is all we know
All the pain in our head, we lock it away and try to forget
Anger to anger, violence to pain we worship these gods and feel the same
All alone in our head, the blood we bleed is ours to forget
You’ve shown us violence
You’ve shown us fear
You’ve taught us anger
And left us with despair
Every strength you’ve ever felt will never be enough
And every light you thought you found will always be to dark
Every feeling ever felt can never be shown
In this life of failure, your only enemy is you